What We Do


Reboot Yoga establishes a nurturing and noncompetitive environment that is physically safe for its practitioners.  Whether experiencing yoga for the first time or as an intermediate yogi, classes are taught in a modified and accessible way.  Studio classes can be difficult to fit into a daily schedule and can also intimidate some people.  Reboot Yoga recognizes that and makes it easy for people to participate.  Each class includes stretching, strengthening, breathing, and relaxation.  We pay particular attention to specific areas that need attention among office workers.  For example, there is a strong emphasis on releasing tension across the back, shoulders, and neck while at the same time strengthening the muscles surrounding the lower back.  We recognize that average office workers spend most of their day sedentary, which invites the common dysfunctional symptoms of back and neck pain, sluggish digestion, chronic fatigue and a general sense of feeling disconnected. Classes are stripped of anything that could be considered “new-agey” and are delivered in a real and practical way that promotes self-acceptance and well-being.  The pose sequences are designed to minimize perspiration so the transition back to the workday is seamless.


Reboot Yoga gives HR departments and administrators at companies the ability to market services to their employees in order to maximize participation.  We provide internal marketing collateral in the form of HTML emails that can be sent electronically to the company-wide distribution list.  In addition, Reboot Yoga provides print fliers and posters that can be distributed around the office.  All promotional material is designed to appeal to both men and women of all shapes and sizes.