Reboot Yoga joins Eat Life Whole

Reboot Yoga joins Eat Life Whole

Every so often, we are all lucky enough to stumble across the perfect partnership – a pairing that makes so much sense, we’d be crazy to let it pass by. We found that with Rachel & Reboot Yoga. I actually know Rachel from way back when – the old days when both of us were deep into the world of online ad sales. We connected then, knowing that change was brewing for both of us and that good things were on the horizon.

Since then, Rachel has stepped out of a successful career in media to focus on her true passion – yoga. Like Steph and myself, she sees a real need in today’s corporate world to help busy people create a better balance between their professional lives and their personal health. She has recently launched her new business, Reboot Yoga, dedicated to bringing yoga into today’s busy workplace. She and her team of yoga instructors conduct onsite classes designed to fit seamlessly into the otherwise hectic work day.

So, the great news… Rachel has agreed to team up with us here at Eat Life Whole. She will be joining us on the blog, sharing ideas and insights on how to use yoga as a tool to relax, release tension and rejuvenate. Something we all need in today’s busy work world. Read on to learn more about Rachel and her path to starting Reboot Yoga.

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